“My Journey to the People”, from the Moscow Agrarian Student’s Newspaper

I’ve been away from Moscow for a long time now. When I look outside, I see snow falling; when I left, it was still summer. I guess I owe an explanation for why my trip took a little longer than anticipated. It all started the day I arrived in the village of Kachalovka.

“Oklahoma farmers facing uncertainty”, from the Los Angeles Examiner, 20th April 1935

Today had been a good day for Tom Stutzman. He and his family had worked on the farm all day, laying a new ditch and repairing some blown-over fencing. Now they were sitting on the porch, with beer and water in their hands, and looking at a day’s work in peace. The crops were good. The stairs were swept. They had to be, because otherwise they would be covered in dust.